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WOOOOOW Has it been two years already? ._.

Soooooo hi there. Yeah I still exist. I know. It's been a while.

Kay, I'm just gonna get right to it, so here's the deal: first things first, I'm offering up a super-huge THANK YOU for stopping by again after I haven't shown my face around for such a long while. That's awfully kind of you! You're awesome, which you probably already knew, but now I'm saying it, and that makes it official since obviously my opinion is the only one that counts. [NOT NOT I'm hugely lame but that doesn't change the fact that you're still awesome.]

Alright, next: obviously, I kinda went ahead and let this community go for a while. I'm back now, but don't expect like... super regular updates. I've got other life-things that I need to pay lots of attention to, such as work, school, and my webcomic.

And that brings to my next point! See, the whole reason why I'm back now is because of my webcomic The Suits. Basically I need a place to post all the random sketches and extras I have made/will make for the comic, and I thought, hey! Why not here? So, uh.... PRESTO I'm back now. Woo!

Alright, so, with all that out of the way, how about some sketches? 

Okay so like none of this will make any sense unless you've looked at my webcomic >_>;;

Kenneth with his hood on. See, he's got this special suit that will change color as his skin does - it's a one of a kind - but since only his skin changes color and nothing else, he needs to have his hair covered in order to have full color-changing coverage. The suit is also programmed to carry pattern and color shifts fiber-to-fiber, so even if a given part of it isn't touching his skin, that area will change to match what the fibers around it are doing.

AAAAHHHHHH I'm such a dork listen to me blabbing

A better view of Kenneth's.


A quick sketch of Alex. I obviously used this still from Inception as a reference. There were so many awesome suits in that movie, HOW COULD I NOT GANK ONE, seriously it was suit heaven. Oh, I mean, the plot was okay too, BUT OH THOSE SUITS.

All the fellas in their work attire. ZAIV YOU ARE FREAKISHLY TALL. Alex, stop pretending to be so tall, you're just average, what are you compensating for something?

I very sloppily laid in some flat values. I'll actually finish it... probably someday when I have nothing better to do with my time >_<

looooool it's so obvious I didn't spend any longer than like three minutes on Alex /FAIL/

I think perhaps something bad may be happening.

I love drawing Alex half-chemical-ie half-normal. HE'S SO LUMPY [lovely lady lumps]


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