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Contest Winners!

Hey all! Well, it's that time - time to announce the winners of the Suits Contest! I would like to preface this post by saying that all the submissions were fucking amazing and it was seriously, seriously hard to choose just three. There was much fretting involved in the decision-making process!

Just to review, here are the prizes:
Third place: A sketch of your preferred Suits character in any setting you wish. Feel free to get imaginative!
Second place: A sketch of your preferred pairing of any two Suits characters, (any of them!) again, in any setting you wish! Oh la la~
First place: A sketch of... whatever you want! Anything in the Suits realm, I'm up for drawing it. First place ALSO receives a sneak preview of the following week's page after the contest ends. So you get to see a page/the makings of a page a whole week in advance!

Alright, sooooo, lets get down to business!


I'm going to start at third place, and work my way up to first.

So, the third place winner is kateison! This sexy little drawing just stole my heart: 

Link: http://kateison.deviantart.com/art/The-Suits-01-182585987
First of all, I just love how manly Kenneth seems in this drawing! He's all business here, and Alex is clearly enjoying it xD I also really enjoyed the use of a traditional medium. I'm assuming it's ink, (or maybe watercolor,) and it gives the drawing an awesome smokiness that fits the mood perfectly. So, to kateison: super bang-up job! I love it ^^

The second place winner is foreversea, with a wicked poster-esque illustration of the boys:

Link: http://foreversea.deviantart.com/art/The-Suits-contest-entry-180978368
The level of attention paid to detail here is totally awesome. Alex's chemical-legs blew me away, they're done so well! The wrinkles in their catsuits, the dimples on their cheeks - I could go on and on. Foreversea kinda blew me out of the water. All I can say is bravo!

Alright, and first place goes to chickenpeasoup, with this hysterical little comic:

Link: http://chikenpeasoup.deviantart.com/art/Suits-contest-entry-181601169
I can't tell you guys the extent to which I sat around chuckling at this. It's just... so fucking them. Like, exactly. Chickenpeasoup just nailed it! (I particularly enjoyed the Lady GaGa ringtone. If The Suits had Lady Gaga, Kenneth would totally buy her shit xD) Alex's clearly visable pent-up frustration, Kenneth's smugness (he's being such a tease here!), their expressions, everything is just utterly in-character. And it made me giggle endlessly for a good two days! So, of course, to chickenpeasoup, this is freakin' hilarious, super good job!

And those are the winners!

If the winners could please leave their requests for their sketches in the comments of this post, that would be great! And don't feel obligated to give something right away - if you already know what you want, awesome! But if you want some time to ponder, that's fine too ^^ Also, to chickenpeasoup: you'll get a preview of the following week's page on next week's update (November 29th,) so please send me some kind of pm/email adress to send it to. Feel free to pm me here or at smackjeeves or whatever!

But I'm not done yet! How could I end this without showing off all the other amazing entries I got? :DD

Starting with mundaneepitome's hilarioys fic!
Link: http://community.livejournal.com/steelwool_art/2199.html?thread=16279#t16279

It's seriously hilarious. Don't forget to check it out!

And of course, all the other lovely illustrations!

by alizeunknown!

by nineve-saint-ange!

by the6devils6number6!

by sbdrag!

by sharinganrose!

by shaedey!


Thank you all so, SO much, I can't express how awesome I really think all of these are. You're all amazing! Thank you!

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