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Heyo! It's been a while since I've done a sketch post, so I thought I'd post a couple things I've had floating around my computer for a while. Just a couple of super-sloppy (I mean really sloppy) little sketch comics portraying bits from later scenes in the comic. So it's kind of like "sneak  previews," I guess? Although I'm not so much giving anything away as I am trying to build anticipation ^^

I'm probably gonna have to explain this first one a bit since it's pretty darn sloppy and hard to decipher, especially in the beginning >_>;;
These are supposed to be more like note sheets for myself rather than something I'd usually post to be viewed, which is why they look the way the do.

It's the tail end of a brief fight sequence that happens a little later in the story!

Page one! Okay so I know the first part is kind of hard to see, so I'll explain a little >_> [/comic fail] Kenneth tackles some poor fellow to the ground and thwacks him across the skull with the rather girthy grip of his knife. During the brief moment of satisfaction that follows that action, another attacker sneaks up behind him with the intention of bringing his day to a pretty thorough end. Alex comes in and saves Kenneth at the last minute! (Celebratory trumpet fanfare.)

Page two! This page is a little clearer. That's a ceiling vent that Kenneth's glancing up at, at the end.

Page three. Kenneth thinks it's a good idea to stuff them all up in the ventilation shaft, which is undoubtedly a tight space to stuff that many bulky men. Alex agrees!

Page four. Kenneth gets the last laugh on the fellow who almost got the drop on him in the beginning by giving him the most severe weggie that has ever existed.

I'm fond of this little scene because it shows just how much of a prideful, superficial jerk Kenneth can sometimes allthetime be. :D

Alright, here's the next little comic. This ones quite a bit easier to follow ^^;;

Page one

Page two

Page three (Put-upon Alex is put-upon!)

Page four. And.... that's it!

Hope you guys enjoy them, in all their sloppy horribleness ^^;
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