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ohmigosh - Contest Prizes!

Holy crap guys, holy crap. I finally finished the prizes for the contests winners!

[CROWD: About f*cking time.]

;A; AAAHHHH I'M SORRY ABOUT THAT. I have to apologize to the winners one more time for taking so long to finish up the prizes. I was a dumbass and timed everything poorly. I announced the contest winners right around the time finals were beginning, so of course finals beat my ass into the curb and slowed the whole process down. But! Finals are done now, and so are the prizes! 



Here's the request of kateison, our third place winner:

"Darryl dressing down/being all comfy with some nerdy glasses reading a book or something equally lazy/good for a snowy day would be marrrvelous~!" 

And here's the sketch!

Here we have Darryl, dressed down in some comfy (yet respectable, mind you) pajamas, enjoying himself a good novel and a fine glass of red wine. It was really fun to draw him with his hair down, which is something I don't usually do! 

Drawing this made me want to cozy up next to a warm fire xD

Alright! Next is the request of carcharias, our second place winner:

"Oho~ Well, since it's getting to the holidays, how about something with Alex and Kenneth (of course, I mean, can't get enough of those two) involving, say, Kenneth misusing mistletoe--the wackier and/or sexier the better, ha--or if neither are Christian...well I suppose that wouldn't matter to the determined mistletoe-abuser. XD"

Here's the results:


Alex = always exasperated
Kenneth = always exasperating

This was super fun to draw xD I was really happy when carcharias gave me a chance to draw something that highlights the dynamic between these two because, honestly, this is pretty close to how they operate on a day-to-day basis.


And, finally, here we have the request of our first place winner, krii:

"All the characters paired up canonly (like, future pairings?) cuddling/expressing their love/whatever floats their individual goats."

Oooooh man. That was a big one xD I wasn't sure how to tackle it at first. Eventually, though, I decided to do a series of sketches of each couple getting out of bed in the morning, since that's usually a pretty intimate, cuddly time. So here it is!

First up is Cass and Annie! Don't you just hate morning people?

Next up is Zavian and Korrigan! Korrigan talks with an accent, which I like >D

Next is Darryl and Killian! More Darryl with his hair down, yay-!

And, of course, bringing up the rear is good ol' Alex and Kenneth. Aren't they just so, uh, romantic? Or... or  something. Like that. Yeah.

xD I love the interactions between these two.

Once again, thank you to everyone who submitted, and thank you to the winners for giving me such amusing and fun things to draw! And, of course, thank you to everyone for reading the comic! <3<3

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