experi (experi) wrote in steelwool_art,

Some sketches and stuff

Quick entry, guys. Just a few sketches for you! Things are going to be a little rushed because I'm really busy and I've only got like twenty minutes to get this post up and UHG WHAT AM I BLATHERING ABOUT LETS JUST GET THINGS STARTED

Let's start with some Annie!

I don't know why, but whenever I draw Annie in her catsuit I always feel compelled to put her in some dance-like position. I CAN'T HELP IT. Also, I love her gloves.

This was just me putzing around with mid-action poses. I kind of liked it. Yee-haw!

Here's Alex and Kenneth, with Kenneth holding a gun that is basically half the size of him and Alex all chemical-ie. Both of which were used...

to make this image, which was originally going to be the new wallpaper for the Suits site. Sadly I had to ditch the idea due to technical difficulties. I'm not that fond of it anyways, but yeah. Here it is.


And Zaiv! Look at that cocky bastard.

And that's all for now! Got to run. Please enjoy!
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