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omg have to pee so bad

Hmmm it's been a while since I've made a sketch post. So!

There's a variety of characters in this one, not just Alex and Kenneth. Woo, imagine that! In fact, the only character who's missing is Zavian. Poor Zavian. D:


Let's get started with good ol' Kenneth!

He's looking pretty smug here. Looks like he just outsmarted someone. Uh-oh!

This whole Kenneth-with-a-gun thing seems to be a running theme >_>

Wanted to do some studies of Kenneth's back, just to get his shape. He's a tiny, short little small-framed guy, but he's solid muscle, so his figure is quite a bit different from more bulky guys like Darryl and Zaiv. It's hard to make a guy seem small and strong at the same time!


Kenneth pouts and looks pretty for the camera.

I wanted to really show just how much shorter than Alex Kenneth really is. Alex looks bored.

I realized I haven't been drawing enough of Alex in his chemical form. So here! This it what he looks like when he's fully transformed. I-it's so f-fun to drawwwww *3*

Portrait! It's fun not having to give as much of a fuck about anatomy.

fffffffff gooey gooey I want to poke him

Here he is with only his eyes changed. Did you know? That thing on his face isn't a mask, like everyone else's is. He just changes the area around his eyes into their chemical state. WHOOOAAA CRAZY okay not really that crazy d-don't judge me o_o;;

HEY ALSO did you know that Alex has a humundo scar? No of course not I've never told you D'OH. Yupp, he does - and there it is. Also, BUTT BUTT

This is all I've got for Darryl. Just a few portraits. His hair is fun to draw. He's got a widow's peak!

Annie, who I seriously do not draw enough. She is one cool chick (in my opinion)

Annie and Cass! The two chicks.

Aaaaand just Cass. She's the 'boss,' so-to-speak. So she's a little more no-nonsense than the rest of them. She's also kind of... butch. BUT I THINK SHE'S AWESOME. Seriously what's wrong with being a little butch? Cass would kind of be my chick-hero if she was real.


This here is a relatively quick sketch of some of Cass' favorite weapons - her knives. They are made entirely from metal and she stores them inside her body. They're all pretty small for that reason, but she's got mad skills with them, so she can cut a bitch with little to no trouble at all xD She keeps other weapons inside herself as well, but these ones here are practically her babies.

Aaaaand that's it for now. See y'all next time I have enough for a post! <3<3

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