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Wanna see it? Suggest it!

All right, guys! Truth be told I feel pretty bad about missing that update last week. Plus, I did promise I would make it up to you, so I've got an idea!

Reader sketch suggestions!

If you've got an idea for a Suits sketch that you really want me to draw, leave a suggestion in the comments! Here are the ground rules (and please read them all!):

1) I will only consider sketch ideas that are submitted in the comments of this post. When I did the contest I had the problem of some people submitting on Smackjeeves, and it got to be a bit annoying. So! If it's not here, it don't count, yo. 
2) An idea for a sketch can be anything. A little action scene, a window into a character's past, a tutorial, a view of the street someone lives on, etc. Whatever you like. Get creative!
3) Sketch ideas can be as vague or specific as you like. But what you give is what you get - I'm not going to ask for clarification on any of the details in the suggestions, I'm just gonna read them and draw! 
4) You can give as many sketch suggestions as you like, but only one per comment, please. I plan on posting the resulting sketches in the comments as replies, and I think things will just be more organized this way. 
5) I wont sketch anything that I deem too spoilery, of course ^^
6) Depending on how many suggestions come in, I can't promise that I'll get to draw all of the suggestions. But I'll defintitely prioritize the most interesting/creative ones.

Welllllll there you have it! If you want to see something sketched, leave a suggestion in the comments of this post! I think this could be really fun, and if it goes well I might do another one at some point in the future ^^

[EDIT] Actual drawing of the sketches will begin sometime next week (the 10th)

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Alex and Kenneth in dresses as Disney princesses. Or princes but in the most ridiculous royal clothes. Whatever works for you or feels most comfortable with the characters. >_<

I'm sorry. I'm trying to work on my crack habit but 'anything' is far too tempting a phrase.
Okay. Since all I see now is Feline!Annie--because oh my god she reminds me so much of a large cat, like a lion or something--I'd like to see Annie in something slinky. As in, Catwoman slinky. :D

Preferably with a whip. Mmm. (But whatever would fit the character better. I mean, it's not like she needs the whip, amirite? :D)

Hey, Kenneth's not the only one allowed to be super sexy. XD

The best thing would be if this wasn't random crack, and if she actually wore it I'M JUST SAYIN. :D The ladies are too awesome and fabulous to not get sexy love. :P
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6 years ago


6 years ago

May I have a sketch of Alex as Rufio,
and Kenneth as a really wild lookin' Peter Pan?
hahaha I'm on a Pan kick right now. ^__^
I think it would be cool to have Alex and Kenneth playing hide and seek but Alex can't find Kenneth because he's blending in to his surroundings. And then perhaps have him jump out and scream something.
Darryl as a little kid on a school field trip to the zoo visiting the bird house. :D
Alex covered in a giant sundae. :D And it would be helpful if Kenneth helped him clean up the mess..
Strip Poker~! Everyone loves it if they're winning and they're into the ones that are losing :D

The losers are secretly into it as well, even if they try to seem like they're dreading their lives and the draft ;).
I think you should draw a picture of the characters being polar opposite of themselves, do something they normally wouldn't do. Like maybe Alex no being up tight, and do something like where just boxer in public. I don't know just a weird example. *shrug*
Kenneth on Alex's lap. Nothing too mushy or sexual, just Alex and Kenneth. Chillin'.
For some reason i want to see Kenneth and Alex caught naked in public...or at least with their pants around their ankles. I could just imagine Alex trying to cover up with anything he could find and Kenneth standing there with a smirk on his face and holding his hands behind his head...i dont know why.
Lol maybe you could do a tutorial on how to annoy Alex, with Ken as the narrator of course ^^.
Alex and Kenneth play-fighting/sparring. Think lion cubs tumbling around ;D
Whelp, you got something closer to wrastling:

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6 years ago

The 'OMG I woke up as the opposite gender' reactions by the cast?
I think it would be interesting to see one of the girls' reaction to something like the best food or treat they've ever had.
Are you familiar with assassins creed? It would be neat seeing the characters in the hoods and with the weapons during the renaissance or Jerusalem setting.

If you aren't familiar with the series, I suggest drawing them in clothes from the classical times of the renaissance or even Old English outfits, cause knights and kings are cool too.
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